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Ooika – Green Tea Aroma Generated From Shading

Matcha, gyokuro and kabushecha grown in the shade are said to have a fragrance called ooika, covered aroma. “Ooi” means shade and “ka” means aroma in Japanese.  This article talks about ooika, , th...

Light Steamed Sencha or Deep Steamed Sencha ?

Japanese green tea has a process of "steaming" immediately after picking tea leaves. If the tea leaves are left as it is after picked, the fermentation progresses and the green tea changes to oolon...

How to Keep Your Kyusu Clean

Tea is a drink many people have nearly every day and a few times a day, so the tea pot becomes stained and strainer is clogged quite easily and thus they need proper care. The Japanese tea pot “Kyu...

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