Among the different times of the day, the work-time is when you spend at least one third of your day (of course, part-time workers spend less time). Whether that is a physical wok or desk work, your work consumes your body fluid and therefore you need to compensate the loss by taking some amount of fluid.

The high grade Japanese tea “Sencha” is a good drink as it provides necessary fluid as well as stimulating your brain, making you get ready for your work and keeping you working for some time. This is thanks to the moderate amount of caffeine contained in the tea. Especially in the afternoon, people usually feel tired or sleepy due to the digestion of the food taken at the lunch time. If this is the case, it is recommended to have a cup of Sencha tea. The caffeine in Sencha will help stimulate your brain and you will feel refreshed.

Along with the caffeine, Sencha contains a high amount of antioxidants as well. The antioxidants have health benefits to protect your body cells.

Another aspect of Sencha is that the tea has a beautiful aroma and this makes you relax. “Sencha stimulates and relaxes at the same time?” you may wonder. Yes, Sencha relaxes you first with its aroma and then it stimulates your brain later after you have consumed it.

When your work is demanding, you may take the drink as you work, but it may be better to put your work on hold for a little while and enjoy your tea wherever possible. By doing this, you can refresh your body and brain. You will be able to have a good start or restart with your work. Having said that you should put your work on hold to take the tea, Sencha is good to drink during a meeting as well. Especially when the meeting lasts for a long time, you will definitely need fluid. Sencha provides necessary fluid and keeps stimulating your brain as the meeting proceeds.

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