When you do some exercise, you need plenty of fluid to not get dehydrated but if the drink helps reduce your fat, you will be happier to have it. Japanese tea is one of the good drinks that meet these requirements. The best Japanese tea types you should have before starting exercise is Gryokuro (the finest Japanese tea) and high-grade Sencha (high grade Japanese tea). These 2 types contain a large amount of caffeine compared with the other Japanese tea types. The only difference is that Gyokuro has more caffeine than Sencha.

Caffeine is effective to stimulate your brain and makes you more alert. Because of these characteristics, Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha is suitable to drink before starting your exercise. Caffeine is also effective to burn the body fat. Therefore, if you are on a weight loss diet and doing some exercise for this purpose, these types of Japanese tea work well to reduce your weight. To lose your weight, doing some exercise may be one of the most effective methods, but in everyday life, if you drink Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha before walking to the station or shops, you will be also able to reduce your weight. Just be careful to not eat cakes or ice cream during your shopping. This would ruin the effect of the Japanese tea.

However, caffeine takes some time to break down the fat. For this reason, you should drink Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha about half an hour prior to starting your exercise. Also if you drink too much tea before or during the exercise, it will stimulate your bladder and you will have to release urine more often. This mechanism applies to any type of sports as well. Therefore, during the exercise or sports, you should avoid drinking the types of tea that contain a large amount of caffeine.  It is most appropriate to take one cup of Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha only half an hour before starting your exercise or sports, and never during these activities.

Japanese tea is also good to drink after the exercise to make up the lost body fluid during the exercise, but this time, it is not Gyokuro or high-grade Sencha. The most suitable Japanese tea types to drink after exercise are Hojicha (roasted Japanese tea) and Genmaicha (Japanese tea with roasted rice). These tea types are light and refreshing as they contain much less caffeine.

Usually Japanese tea is made with hot water, but after exercise, cold Japanese tea may be nice. This cold Japanese tea is called “Mizudashicha”.  To make good Mizudashicha, use mineral water. Then, put the tea in your water bottle, so that you can have it immediately after you finish your exercise or sports.

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