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Does Hojicha contain caffeine?

Hojicha contains caffeine to some degree, but its amount is much lower than the caffeine amount of other Japanese teas such as gyokuro, matcha and sencha.  So why is the caffeine content of hojicha...

Health benefits of Hojicha

Although hojicha is different to other Japanese teas such as sencha and gyokuro in color, flavor and natural elements, hojicha also has health benefits. However hojicha’s health benefits are slight...

Is Hojicha effective for weight loss?

In general, it is well known that Japanese green tea is effective for weight loss. This is because most of Japanese teas contain high amounts of catechin and caffeine. 

What is Hojicha powder?

Probably you have heard of the Japanese green tea powder, Matcha. Likewise, Hojicha can be also made into the form of powder. This is called Hojicha powder. While Matcha has umani flavor, Hojicha p...

Can we roast by ourselves to make hojicha?

You can roast to make hojicha at any time but probably it is a good time to make when your sencha or bancha has become old and does not have much aroma any more. 

Can Hojicha be an alternative to coffee?

Taking in a large amount of caffeine gives us the side effect which stimulates our nerves. This stimulation causes over excitement, dizziness, an increase in heart beats, difficulty to sleep and so...

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