About us

LILIKU is a Japanese tea brand owned by empapilio, Inc (“empapilio”), Tokyo based company. After its founding in 2015, we have been dedicated to providing hands-on support to help mid-small sized Japanese companies exporting their products/services overseas. During that time, we learned that there are many producers in Japan that make good quality products in an environmentally friendly way, although it is difficult to enter the global market because of their limited resources.
In October 2019, empapilio launched our own tea brand LILIKU. We are working together with a small, family-owned tea farm that does not allow mass production but continues to make good quality tea, and we are working together to realize the idea of delivering delicious tea to tea lovers around the world.

In Japan, there are beautiful four seasons where we can enjoy different tastes and flavors, starting the first flush from April to May, the second flush in summer, and the bancha from autumn to winter season. Also, we can enjoy various types of green tea, such as Sencha, Hojicha, Kukicha, Gyokuro, Matcha etc., depending on the cultivation and processing method.

In addition, green tea, like coffee and wine, has a variety of flavors and aromas depending on the production area and cultivars, so you can enjoy different varieties from different regions. We are aiming to increase Japanese green tea fans around the world through the LILIKU brand, by providing an experience of the profound world of Japanese tea.


Our mission is to improve the sustainability of tea farmers who are working hard in Japan to produce high quality and safe tea. In Japan, the number of tea farms is decreasing year by year due to lack of successors. Even in such a situation, there still are many farmers who are striving to preserve Japanese tea for future generations. In addition to the traditional style, LILIKU will propose new experiences of drinking green tea, to convey the value and potential of Japanese tea to customers all over the world.


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