What is hojicha powder and how to use

Hojicha powder is made by grinding hojicha tea leaves into a very fine powder. Hojicha powder is easily dissolved into liquid like warm water and milk and thus you do not have to use a tea pot. Therefore, using Hojicha powder is quite convenient when you want to make quick drink like hojicha tea and hojicha latte. And the fine grains of hojicha powder mix well with flour and other confectionery ingredients.

Hojicha Walnut Muffins

Hojicha Tiramisu

Hojicha Twist Pie

Hojicha Crème Brulee

Hojicha Banana Cream Pie

Hojicha Chocolate Nut Bars

Hojicha Roll Pie

Hojicha Oatmeal Cookies

Hojicha Snowball Cookies

Hojicha Crepe

Hojicha Swirl Marble Pound Cake

Hojicha Almond Tart

Hojicha Popovers

Hojicha Chocolate Truffles

Hojicha Spice Muffins

Hojicha Soufflé Pancake

Hojicha Icebox Cookies

Hojicha Oatmeal Scones

Hojicha Crepe

Hojicha Granola

Hojicha Latte


Kanako Gomi : Recipe Developer

From a young age, she helped her grandmother run her soba and Japanese cuisine restaurant, learning about various Japanese ingredients, how to cook with them, and how to serve them in a professional manner. In 2002-2003, dedicated to menu development for Pret a Manger in Tokyo, sandwich shop chain based in the United Kingdom, and since then she has been working as a food consultant in food service industries, developing menus and addressing various challenges of food service operation and marketing.

NOBUKO KOMADA: Table Stylist

Engaged in a wide range of cooking-related work, including tablescaping,
food photography and videography, food preparations for food photo shoots, and teaching cooking classes. Not only being committed to the taste, her focus is also enjoyable, and pleasing to the mind and body. In addition to serving delicious food, her pursuit is expanded to the visual approach and coordination of the food and tableware in a way that the guests are excited to see it served on the table. She is also enthusiastically incorporating traditional ceramics and porcelain from various regions of Japan into her table styling.


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