“Caffeine” has been a focus in health improvements for decades. Some medical researches carried out in recent years indicate that coffee that contains a high amount of caffeine actually works well to prevent cancer. However, it is still true that taking in a large amount of caffeine gives us the side effect which stimulates our nerves. This stimulation causes over excitement, dizziness, an increase in heart beats, difficulty to sleep and so on.

For this reason, there are a number of people who seek drinks that contain less caffeine than coffee. It is well known that green tea has less caffeine than coffee. Particularly, hojicha is one of the Japanese teas that contain lowest amount of caffeine. On top of it, hojicha has a roasty aroma which is similar to the aroma of coffee. Because of these factors, many people who seek drinks with much less caffeine find hojicha the best alternative to coffee.

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