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What type of tea is Matcha?

Matcha is one of the 3 powdery types of Japanese tea. The other two are Konacha and Funmatsucha. Konacha is a gathering of fine tea leaf grains of Sencha while Funmatsucha is finely chopped form of...

What type of tea is Kamairicha?

Kamairicha is the type of Japanese green tea made by pan-frying in a pan. This pan-frying process plays the same role as the steaming process conducted for most types of Japanese green tea.  It mea...

What Type of Tea is Kabusecha?

Kabusecha is a type of tea of which plants are shaded for about a week before tea leaves are picked. The word “kabuse” means to shade. This method is also used to make matcha (tea powder) and gyoku...

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