SETSUGETSU Ushirode Black Clay Kyusu Teapot

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Origin: Tokoname-yaki
Producer: Setsugetsu
Material: Clay
Capacity: ml
Shipping from: Japan

About Tokoname-yaki

Tokoname-yaki is distinctive ceramic products manufactured in the city of Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is renowned for its high quality and unique beauty, with the kyusu, in particular, receiving high acclaim both domestically and internationally. These kyusu are designed primarily to enhance the flavor of tea to its fullest. A key feature of Tokoname-yaki kyusu is their finely crafted spouts and tea strainers. These elements are meticulously adjusted to prevent tea leaves from entering the tea bowl, allowing for a smooth and clear pour. The defining characteristic of Tokoname-yaki is the use of iron-rich clay harvested from the Chita Peninsula. This high iron content clay results in a unique reddish-brown finish, known as "shudei" or red clay finish, typical of Tokoname-yaki. While Tokoname-yaki produces various items like tea bowls and flowerpots, the kyusu is considered its flagship product. The iron content in the clay is believed to mellow the astringency and bitterness of tea. Tokoname-yaki, especially its teapots, have been designated as one of Japan's important intangible cultural properties, a testament to their cultural and artistic significance.


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