Mino-yaki Sakura Shino Matcha Tea Bowl

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Origin: Mino-yaki
Material: Clay
Capacity: ml
Shipping from: Japan

About Mino-yaki

Mino-yaki is a type of ceramics produced mainly in Gifu Prefecture. It's named Mino-yaki because Gifu Prefecture was formerly known as Mino Province. Its origins date back to the 16th century when the tea ceremony became popular, and warriors sought tea bowls made in Mino Province. During the Edo period, Mino-yaki evolved, with a green pottery known as Seto-Karatsu becoming mainstream, and new techniques being developed. Characterized by its constant innovation in glazes and techniques, Mino-yaki doesn’t have a fixed appearance or texture, leading to a wide variety in design among its pieces. Today, Mino-yaki accounts for over 50% of Japan's domestic ceramics market share, making it the country's leading ceramics production area.


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