Chafurui, Matcha/Hojicha Powder Sieve

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Origin :?Japan


Dimensions: Dia.7.7 x H8.2 cm (3 x 3.2?inch)


About Chafurui (or Chaburui)

Chafurui is a kind of canister for sieving matcha/hojicha powder before using. This chafurui has a built-in and removable fine mesh and a plastic spatula. You can remove matcha/hojicha powder clumps and then turn back into fine powder for smooth texture.? The remaining powder can be stored in the air tight container.?


Manufactured by Kotodo Takahashi Corporation?

Kotodo Takahashi Corporation, dedicated to manufacturing tin canisters for 110 years. It provides outstanding features to protect fresh tea leaves/powders from moisture and oxidation:




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