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Amount: 30 grams x 4 packages
Origin: Saitama and Shizuoka
Cultivar: blend
Shipping from: Japan

Each pouch contains 30g (1.05oz), for 8-10 servings, 32-40 servings in total.

This Hojicha is made from the stems of tencha, the raw material for matcha. The roasting imparts a savory aroma, with a sweetness that spreads in the mouth. Smooth and palatable.
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This hojicha is also uses the stems of tencha, but roasted at a higher level than classic hojicha, resulting in a stronger roast flavor.
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The withered green tea, made from first harvest fresh tea leaves to draw out a floral-like scent, has been further roasted. The low temperature and short roasting time create a unique blend of freshness, floral aroma, and roasted fragrance. The sweetness of the stems and the refreshing quality of the first harvest tea add to its exquisite, vibrant flavor.
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Strongly roasted black tea. As with the HOJICHA FLORAL HARMONY, there are few producers making this kind of hojicha, making it a rare type in Japan. The combination of the inherent aroma of black tea and the intense roasting creates an indescribably pleasant and aromatic tea.
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