Kiwami White Kyusu Teapot by Takeo Hasegawa



Nagasaki Prefecture, where Hasegawa Ceramics Studio Craft Design Labo is located, is one of the famous tea production area, and it is surrounded by the other leading tea production areas such as Yame (Fukuoka Prefecture) and Ureshino (Saga Prefecture). Takeo Nagasaki has been devoted to the design and production of tea ware and other ceramics for over 40 years, and his handmade works have won numerous awards at domestic and international exhibitions. His commitment as an artisan is "make a tea ware that makes tea delicious and pleasant". He cares very much about the followings for kyusu:

  •  Shape that tea leaves expand evenly and jumping in the teapot
  •  The size of the tea strainer and the holes inside that allow the fine particles containing the umami of the tea to pass through without the leaves clogged
  •  Wide diameter to wash inside and discard tea leaves easily
  •  The shape of the spout that enables to pour every last drop without dripping.
  •  Clean because it is designed so that tea leaves will not accumulate inside the spout after brewing
  •  Well-balanced and beautiful shape that is easy to hold in hand and pour
  •  Design that can fit to anywhere from traditional occasion to modern place


Product Details

Material: Clay

Dimensions: H 100 mm, D 115 mm, vol 370ml

Care Instructions: Hand wash and leave to dry with the top off. Do not wash in dishwater. Avoid abrasive cleansers or steel wool.


Artist Profile

Artist: Takeo Hasegawa

Kiln: Hasegawa Ceramics Studio Craft Design Labo

Location: Nagasaki prefecture, Japan

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