Kamairicha- Saemidori Cultivar from Ureshino,Saga

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Amount: 30 grams
Origin: Saga
Cultivar: Saemidori
Shipping from: Japan

Unlike steamed sencha, kamairicha is a type of tea that is pan-fired using an iron pan instead of being steamed. It is said to have been introduced to Japan from China around the 15th century and is only produced in certain regions of Kyushu. Currently, kamairicha represents a mere 0.3% of the overall Japanese tea production, making it a rare and precious tea.
One distinctive feature of kamairicha is its aroma called "kama-ka," which is the fragrance obtained from the tea leaves when they are heated in the iron pan. The delightful and toasty scent from the pan-firing process lingers on the tea leaves, lending kamairicha its unique character.


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