KAGETSU KILN - Kiyomizu-yaki Kyusu Teapot

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Origin: Kiyomizu-yaki
Producer: Kagetsu Kiln
Material: Clay
Capacity: 490 ml
Shipping from: Japan

About Kiyomizu-yaki

Kiyomizu-yaki, also known as Kyo-yaki, refers to traditional ceramics produced in Kyoto, Japan. Its origins trace back to the Heian period (794-1185), when Kyoto was Japan's capital. The pottery tradition from this era is deeply intertwined with Kyoto's culture.
Kiyomizu-yaki is characterized by its refined beauty, rich colors, and delicate decorations. These ceramics are known for a wide range of designs and styles, encompassing traditional Japanese motifs to more contemporary patterns. Kiyomizu-yaki includes various forms such as tea bowls, plates, vases, and ornamental pieces.
Predominantly handmade, Kiyomizu-yaki reflects the high skill and artistry of the craftsmen, with each piece bearing unique features. The name "Kiyomizu-yaki" originates from Kiyomizu Temple, a famous tourist destination in Kyoto. Many kilns are located in this area, and the pottery is closely linked to Kyoto's culture, hence the name. With its historical background and artistic value, Kiyomizu-yaki holds a special place in Japanese ceramics.


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