Hojicha Powder

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Amount: 30 grams
Origin: blend from multiple regions
Cultivar: blend
Shipping from: Japan

Hojicha Powder is a finely ground version of the aromatic roasted green tea known as hojicha. This powder form allows for the easy and quick preparation of hojicha by simply dissolving it in hot water. You can enjoy a delicious cup of hojicha with minimal effort. It also can be used to create rich Hojicha lattes or sprinkled over ice cream and plain cakes for an added delicious flavor. Furthermore, it's highly recommended as an ingredient in baked goods like cakes and cookies, adding a unique roasted tea flavor to these treats.

LILIKU TEA is offering a recipe book specifically for Hojicha Powder at Amazon. This book is a great resource for exploring the various culinary uses of this flavorful powder. Be sure to check it out for more creative ideas on how to incorporate Hojicha Powder into your cooking and baking!


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