Chie Sakurai - Kutani-yaki Matcha Tea Bowl, Fan Crest

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Origin: Kutani-yaki
Producer: Chie Sakurai
Material: Porcelain Stone
Capacity: 500 ml
Shipping from: Japan

About Kutani-yaki

Kutani-yaki is a type of traditional Japanese pottery predominantly produced in the Kutani region of Ishikawa Prefecture (present-day Kaga City). Its origins date back to the 17thcluding landscapes, birds and flowers, and figures. A significant feature of Kutani-yaki i century and flourished under the patronage of the Kaga Domain. Kutani-yaki is renowned for its vibrant use of colors and intricate designs, especially notable for the use of vivid colors such as gold, red, green, purple, and yellow.
Traditional Kutani-yaki is characterized by its overglaze decoration, featuring a variety of designs ins the use of gold leaf decoration, known as "kinsai." This technique involves applying gold leaf to the surface of the pottery, creating luxurious decorative effects.


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