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Become A Wholesale Tea Partner With LILIKU TEA

LILIKU TEA is a tea exporter that supplies Japanese organic green tea and artisan tea ware and accessories. Organic green tea accounts for only 6.3% of the total green tea production in Japan.  We supply high quality Japanese tea overseas in cooperation with tea farmers who have acquired organic certification without using any pesticides for many years. 

The Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard (JAS) is equivalent to organic certification in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand and EU countries (* 1). LILIKU TEA's green tea is all JAS Certified, so it can be supplied as organic green tea to countries that have an agreement with JAS. 

(*1) https://www.maff.go.jp/j/jas/jas_kikaku/pdf/doutou_koku_150101.pdf


1. Our Tea Lineups and Usage

We can supply both leaf teas and powdered teas.  Do you want to sell organic teas in your shops? Or serve tea in your cafe, coffee/tea shop or restaurant?  Depending on the type of your business, the suitable teas will be different. We help you choose the perfect tea for your business.  Also, we can provide online education for brewing Japanese green tea, which should be helpful  since the brewing time, brewing temperature and teaware are not only different from other teas like black tea, puer tea, oolong tea, etc., but also different among each Japanese tea. If you want to use green tea for your drink or dessert menu in your cafe or restaurant, we can help choose teas which will be a perfect fit for your menu, and provide recipes.  

LILIKU TEA Organic Green Tea Lineups

2. LILIKU TEA Wholesale Program by Business Industries

We have a variety of programs to offer the best product lineups for each industry. We can also provide brewing instructions and recipes on your request.

  1. Tea Merchants
  2. Food Service : Café, Restaurant, Bar
  3. Bakeries
  4. Retail Shops
  5. Yoga/Fitness Studio




3. Shipping

We ship from Japan. Our tea products are stored in a tea farm’s warehouse under proper temperature and humidity control.  Though LILIKU TEA office is based in Tokyo, we don't have bulk tea inventory here. Upon ordering, the products can be sent out from the tea farm in Shizuoka to Tokyo (usually it takes 1 day), and then we ship the products to your location. 

We use EMS (Express Mail Service) of Japan Post for shipping. Click here for prices and delivery days to each country. 

EMS Shipping Rate

EMS Delivery Days