2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

5:00-6:00PM Central Time on Saturday, November 7

Speaker: Akiko Ono (DM me on instagram @lilikutea if you have any questions) 

About this class

Just like wine, green tea produced across Japan has various factors to determine flavor and aroma as terroir. Akiko of LILIKU TEA introduces the overview of the terroir and cultivars of Japanese green tea. Also this class includes tasting session of 4 different teas.

How it works

For the attendees who purchased the ticket of this class (Thank you so much!), the tea samples have been delivered to your home. The sample package contains 4 types of tea weighed 3 grams each. During the session, we will taste these teas one by one, and Akiko will give instructions on how to brew each tea.







What to bring

a) LILIKU TEA’s sample teas
b) Kettle: to make boiling water
c) Water (Soft water is desirable): 32oz or 1Liter
d) Tea Server or Yuzamashi (or Large Mug): to lower water temperature

e) 2 Kyusu (s) or Gaiwan(s) or Teapot(s)

f) 2 Cups (or Yunomi)

g) Small mesh strainer