KAZUMA YAMAMOTO - Kusatsu-yaki White Hohin Set

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In the Kusatsu area, pottery has already been made since the 7th century. This area used to be at the bottom of the lake in ancient times. Therefore, the clay taken from this land contains a rich iron. Kusatsu-yaki is made using this local clay. This white hohin set?includes hohin, water cooler (yuzamashi), and 2 cups.

Product Details

Material: Clay

Dimensions: H 105 mm, D 113?mm, vol 150ml

Care Instructions: Hand wash and leave to dry with the top off. Do not wash in dishwater. Avoid abrasive cleansers or steel wool.


Artist Profile

Artist: Kazuma Yamamoto

Kiln: Ohmi ceramics research center

Site: Kusatsu-yaki,

Location: Shiga prefecture, Japan




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