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Origin: Tokoname-yaki
Producer: Junzo Maekawa
Material: Clay
Capacity: 180 ml
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About Kurokinsai �i�•‹à�ʁj

"Black and gold" or "kurokinsai" is a traditional Japanese decorative technique used predominantly in pottery and ceramics.

This kurokinsai, created by the up-and-coming craftsman, Junzo, is not overly flashy. Rather, it beautifully features a dull gleaming gold contrasted with a matte black. The inside of the teapot is left unglazed.

About Tokoname-yaki

Tokoname-yaki is a traditional pottery originating from Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The region has long been known for its high-quality clay, serving as a hub for pottery production for centuries. Tokoname-yaki is especially renowned for its quality and distinctive style, and it is counted as one of Japan's six ancient kilns. The range of products includes teaware, sake vessels, vases, and dinnerware.

About Junzo Maekawa

Born in 1976 in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture.
As the fourth generation owner of Kenzan Kiln (賢山窯), he has been actively producing ceramics, receiving the Prime Minister's Award at the Tokoname Ware Promotion Exhibition. Subsequently, he also showcased his work internationally and won the Tea Art Recommendation Award at the Taiwan International Golden Teapot Awards.


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