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Is Hojicha different to Bancha?

It is sometimes misunderstood that hojicha is the same as bancha. In the broad meaning, hojicha is the roasted version of bancha and bancha is the Japanese tea of which leaves are harvested after s...

Is Hojicha a Japanese tea with much less umami ?

Typical components of "umami" are "glutamic acid", "inosinic acid" and "guanylic acid". The main umami component contained in green tea is theanine. So, is  Hojicha a Japanese tea with much less um...

Various Types of Hojicha

Hojicha is made by roasting green tea at high temperature, and there are actually various types depending on roasting temperature, harvesting timing of green teas to make hojicha and whether to use...

Is Hojicha a kind of Japanese green tea?

Hojicha has a reddish brown color and a distinctive aroma which are different to other Japanese tea cultivars. Because of these factors, hojicha is sometimes not considered as a Japanese green tea.

The Best Choice of Japanese Tea Type for Bedtime

I assume everyone agrees that the most relaxing time of the day is bedtime. But quite often people find it hard to relax at this precious time. Your brain may be still alert and you may not feel ti...

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