While many times green tea is prepared to be consumed while hot, it can also be enjoyed as a cold beverage. There are some benefits to cold brewing your tea, ranging from less caffeine to easier to prepare. This article will talk about some of the benefits you get only through cold brewed green tea.


Less Caffeine

Cold brewed green tea contains less caffeine compared to hot brewed green tea. This is good especially for those who are sensitive to caffeine, as caffeine can cause jitteriness, insomnia, and even anxiety when consumed too much. When the tea is cold brewed, it releases less caffeine, so those who enjoy green tea but are sensitive to caffeine can enjoy this beverage also. Once cold brewing, caffeine does not increase even if you warm the tea afterwards.


Sweeter and Milder Taste

The tea will also taste sweeter and milder, as the tea releases less bitter components due to less caffeine when it is cold brewed. This is good for people who are interested in green tea, but are not used to the flavor. Cold brewed tea is a good introduction to green tea. This means that children might also prefer cold brewed tea. 


Want to know why cold brewing enables less caffeine, and sweeter and milder taste ?  There is a scientific background:


Easier to Prepare

Cold brewed green tea is easier to prepare than hot brewed green tea. Heated water is not needed in the cold brewing process. This means you do not have to pay attention to the temperature of the water or how long you steep the tea leaves. You don’t have to think or focus too much while cold brewing. It also keeps for a few days. You can make a whole pitcher of cold brewed green tea and then store it in the fridge for a few days. This is nice because you can enjoy a nice cool beverage any time you want without the hassle of preparing it each time.



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