Organic Hojicha Powder & Chafurui Tea Siever Gift Box Set


This is a set of Hojicha powder and Charufui (Siever) for storing hojicha powder. This Chafurui is decorated with a beautiful Yuzen pattern.

This gift box sets include:

  • Organic Hojicha Powder (100g, 3.5oz)  
    • Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki prefecture, Japan
    • Hojicha Powder can be used not only in drinks such as hojicha lattes, but also in various baking and desserts such as cakes, cookies and pudding. It is also delicious to sprinkle directly on ice cream.
  • Charufui
    • OriginJapan
    • Materials : Tin
    • Dimensions: Dia.7.7 x H8.2 cm (3 x 3.2 inch)



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