Mino-Yaki Hohin Kyusu



White porcelain hohin kyusu made in Mino Province, Gifu prefecture in Japan.  The lid is painted with a stripe pattern with a motif of tea bud leaves.

Abuot Mino-yaki

Mino Province is the largest pottery and porcelain producing region in Japan. Its origins date back to the Nara period (710-794).  In Mino region, artisans have developed new glazes to suit people's tastes in each era, creating pottery of various shapes and colors. For this reason, Mino-yaki is not defined as a single style but has a variety of techniques.


Product Details

Material: White porcelain

Dimensions: H 80 mm, D 95 mm, vol 160ml

Care Instructions: Hand wash and leave to dry with the top off. Do not wash in dishwater. Avoid abrasive cleansers or steel wool.


Kiln: Miyama

Site: Mino-yaki, 

Location: Mino Province, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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