Collection : LILIKU TEA 6 Variety Set


LILIKU TEA Sampler Set includes 4 loose leaf teas and 2 powdered teas. Starting from our signature sencha, you can variety of loose teas.  Sencha/hojicha powders are easy solution to make hot/ice teas quickly, and these can also be used as ingredients for drinks, desserts or baked goods such as hojicha latte, green tea syrop.  

  1. Scent of Kawane Sencha : Our signature sencha
  2. Hojicha : Roasted Green Tea
  3. Yuzu Hojicha Blend
  4. Yuzu Black Blend
  5. Sencha Powder
  6. Hojicha Powder

All teas and yuzu in this set are sourced from single tea farm in in Kawane, Shizuoka prefecture. 


  • Quality: Highest-grade tea leaves
  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Altitude: 630 m (2,066 ft)
  • Net Weight: 60g  (2.11oz) :  10 g (0.35 oz) mini pouch  x 6 

Each Tea's Detail and Steeping Instruction:

See the brochure (PDF/3MB) 


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