Hojicha Trio Set - DARK ROAST/MEDIUM ROAST/LIGHT ROAST 30g(1.05oz) x 3


Hojicha Trio Set of DARK ROAST, MEDIUM ROAST and LIGHT ROAST hojicha.

This hojicha trio was realized by the collaboration with the artisanal tea processor, very prominent person in the Japanese tea industry

From light roast to dark roast, each has a different aroma and profile. You can enjoy the variation of hojicha.

This set contains 30 grams (1.05oz) of each of the three types of hojicha.

All hojicha are made from kuki (stem) part of the first flush tea. By using stem part rather than leaves, each tea can be roasted finely and delicately, since stem part is harder than leaves, and it enables to roast slowly.

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