Kuki Hojicha Medium Roast, 3.6oz


Medium roast flavored hojicha. Brown color that is a little darker than light roast.  The flavors are round roasty.

  • DELICIOUS: Award winning tea processer did roasting using tencha, which is ingredients of matcha. Very rare type of hojicha even in Japan.
  • FRESH:  Using kuki (stem part), taken from the first flush green tea harvested in Sayama, Saitama prefecture Japan. Stored under proper temperature control, processed in small batches.
  • LOW CAFFEINE CONTENT:  Roasting process reduces caffeine much.


  • Flavor: Round roasty flavor and umami
  • Origin: Saitama, Japan
  • Net Weight: 100 g (3.6 oz)

Steeping Instruction: 

  • Tea leaves: 3g (2 tbsp) 160ml water
  • Water Temp: 95°C (203°F)
  • Steep Time: 40 seconds
  • Servings: Tea leaves can be steeped up to 2 times

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