Sencha Tea Flight Gift Box Set


The gift box set of 5 sencha cultivar set, and washi notebook and ballpoint pen using Japanese traditional washi. Get a taste of Kawane, the mountains of Shizuoka's famed green tea region, and enjoy writing a journal about your review of the teas.

This gift box sets include:

           3 servings per each pouch, 15 servings in total. 

  • Washi Notebook - Traditional Japanese Notebook. Yuzen washi is used for the cover, and white plain washi is used for inner pages. 40 pages.  This notebook can be used for Tea Journal, Recipe Note or Travel Note.
  • Washi Ballpoint Pen - A ballpoint pen that is gently wrapped with the washi paper

 * The design of washi ballpoint pen is randomly chosen among ten designs. (See the last image).


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